Battle of the Bulge Monument, Wolfe's Pond Park, Staten Island (NY), USA

At the entrance to this memorial, an interpretive sign with a multicolored map graphically tells the story of the Battle of the Bulge. The two large black granite slabs, symbolic of holding the battle line, feature an insert of a dichroic glass star that represents hope and peace. The glass changes color throughout the course of the day. A granite wall contains the shoulder patch logos of each of the 45 units that fought in the battle, and a memorial text at its base provides a background for the slabs. The memorial plaza includes a ceramic Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge emblem at its center, surrounded by cobblestone rings. Seven of the cobblestone rings were donated by the people of Luxemburg and Belgium.
The monument was created through a joint effort of Parks and the Veterans of the Battle of Bulge. Council Member Fiala allocated $450 000 in 1998 for its construction. Architect Anthony Moody, a member of the veterans association, together with Mike Browne, Parks Deputy Chief of Design, conceived the original design of the monument, paying tribute to the 600 000 American men and women who participated in this epic battle.
Construction began in October of 2001 and was completed in December of the same year.

I visited this monument August 2, 2011.

On this pictures you can see Paula Nezezon, daughter of Bill Sprigss, C/329, Paula, pointing at the 83rd Insignia on the granite wall. Rande Nezezon, me, my mom and Paula.