4th & 83rd Infantry Division stele

Monument dedicated to the 83rd and 4th US Infantry Divisions who liberated Sainteny mid-July 1944 after heavy fighting in the marshes surrounding the town. On July 5 the 83rd lost 1500 men for about 200 metres. The next day, July 6, the 4th came in as reinforcements but without obtaining much results. It was only after another ten days of fierce combat against the Götz von Berlichingen Division's SS Grenadiers and the paratroopers from the 6th Regiment that the American GI's entered a heap of rubble called Sainteny.

I visited the monument for the first time June, 2010 and since then every year during the D-Day commemorations

Me talking to Bill Spriggs, Co. C, 329th Regiment at the monument and Bill together with Jack Port, Co. E, 12th Regiment, 4th Division
Picture taken June 2010

Left to Right: Rémy Mortelette - Wilfried De Backer - Me - Francis Markuns Co. G, 329th Regiment - John Markuns - Eddy Monfort - Jean Paul Pitou
Picture taken June 2011

Again Bill Spriggs and Jack Port together at the monument
Picture taken June 2012