83rd Infantry Division "Thunderbolt" Monument, Bihain, Belgium


Monument dedicated to the 83rd Infantry Division that liberated the town of Bihain January 11, 1945. This monument is located at the "Au Bois des Roches" Hotel in Bihain. I attented the inauguration of the monument 66 years after the liberation of the town in January 8, 2011. There were two 83rd Veterans present that are good friends of mine: William Spriggs from C/329 and Leo Hury of M/330. The inauguration was followed by the 3rd Annual Walk "In the footsteps of the 83rd Infantry Division". On the picture you can see from L to R: Jeffrey Allen (son of William Spriggs), William Spriggs (C/329), Carmella Dimartino (widow of 83rd Veteran Michael Catrambone HQ/331), Leo Hury (M/331), Thomas Hury (son of Leo Hury), Barbara Hury (Tom's wife)

Here you can see a video I made with footage shot by Thomas Hury during the ceremony: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=strnG9nlI60